Fix Asphalt Cracks with Confidence: Tri City Asphalt Expertise

Tri City Asphalt has been in business for over 20 years and has developed a way of preparation and application that differs from other asphalt companies serving Oklahoma City. We know that crack repair is essential, and the process is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective repair.

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The Tri City Asphalt Difference

Our process includes a comprehensive assessment of the asphalt, a customized repair plan, quality materials, and workmanship. We use a proactive approach that extends the life of asphalt while minimizing the need for more extensive and costly asphalt repair later.

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Why Asphalt Crack Repair is Essential

What may appear to be a small, cosmetic issue on the surface, a crack can create a bigger problem for the pavement base. Cracks allow water to reach and erode the pavement base which will lead to pavement repair.

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Asphalt Crack Repair Process

Small cracks can be sealed effectively when done right. Hot rubber is poured into cracks to seal the pavement, and asphalt crack filler can be used on larger or deeper cracks. We find the best asphalt crack filler is hot tar or an asphalt emulsion. If a crack is too large to be sealed or filled, the whole area will need to be completely replaced.

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Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

Neglecting to fill cracks in asphalt can lead to larger repairs like potholes or pavement replacement. Complete replacement of asphalt is disruptive to the environment since excavation and heavy equipment are used. Repair crews using asphalt crack filler create little disruption to the environment. Proactive repair that saves money while prolonging the life of the asphalt. Preventative maintenance like crack repairs saves the asphalt from complete replacement.

Don’t delay when your asphalt needs attention! As cracks grow, the base becomes eroded, making repairs more costly or causing the asphalt to need complete replacement. Reach out to Tri City Asphalt for crack repair services and more. Schedule today for a free estimate on your asphalt repair.