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Asphalt striping is a crucial part of keeping people safe in public spaces. From parking spaces to crosswalks, designated areas for loading and unloading, and more, asphalt striping is essential. The team at Tri City Asphalt specializes in asphalt striping, and if you’re looking for an Oklahoma City asphalt company you can trust, contact us.

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  • Have you ever gone to a business and needed to park in a specific spot to load or unload your vehicle, but there was nothing to indicate where to park?
  • Or have you needed to utilize the handicap spaces nearest the store and didn’t find them marked?
  • Have you ever tried to leave a busy parking lot and it wasn’t clear where the exit was or which direction traffic needed to travel?
  • Then you have experienced the importance of asphalt line striping firsthand.
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We've got you covered

If you are greeted by poorly marked or unmarked parking spaces, it can affect how you view the business. A parking lot with clear asphalt line striping gives a more professional image. If you struggle with leaving a parking lot due to poor parking lot management, you may be less likely to visit again.

If you have business or a parking lot then you need a parking lot striping contractor. Tri City Asphalt can help!


Improve Parking Lot Management

Asphalt striping improves parking lot management and reduces chaos, especially during peak hours. The markings also promote traffic safety by guiding drivers on where to go and where not to park. This, in turn, reduces accidents and promotes orderliness.

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Improve Aesthetic Appeal

Asphalt striping helps to enhance the aesthetic of the area. The paint used for striping comes in a variety of colors, which can be customized to complement the surrounding environment or to match the theme of a particular business or organization. The area can look more polished & professional, improving the overall impression of the establishment.

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Improve Accessibility

Asphalt striping helps to improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities. The markings include crosswalks and special parking spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities. This helps to ensure that these individuals can access the establishments conveniently and without any hindrance.

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Ensure Compliance

Asphalt striping also ensures compliance with local and state regulations, including safety regulations. This helps to avoid fines and penalties that could otherwise be levied against the business or organization for failing to comply with the laws.

Tri City Asphalt is an experienced parking lot striping contractor. We utilize the latest technologies, including durable paint and materials, so markings last longer, keeping the areas looking polished and professional. More importantly, however, they enhance traffic flow, promote safety, and provide guidance, delivering measurable benefits to business owners and organizations. Contact us today to get a free quote for asphalt line striping in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas within 50 miles.

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