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Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt Sealcoating

Tri City Asphalt in Oklahoma City offers expert asphalt sealcoating services to protect and maintain the quality of your asphalt surfaces. Using premium sealants, our skilled team creates a protective barrier that shields your pavement from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and daily wear and tear. By opting for our professional sealcoating services, you can prolong the life of your asphalt surfaces while giving them a fresh and rejuvenated appearance. Trust Tri City Asphalt in Oklahoma City for all your asphalt sealcoating needs.

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spraying new asphalt striping

Asphalt Striping

When you visit a business, what is the very first thing you experience? The employee at the front desk? Or the interior decor? Nope. The very first thing you see and experience is the parking lot. The parking lot can influence your first impression of a business. A smooth, well-laid-out parking lot makes your experience much more pleasant than a confusing, pothole-filled parking lot. We realize how important maintaining your parking lot is. It is one way you can make good impressions on customers right from the get-go. Plus, it prevents customers from storming into your business already on edge from not finding a parking space or having a fender bender.

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Asphalt Pothole Repair

Tri City Asphalt in Oklahoma City provides reliable asphalt pothole repair services to restore the safety and integrity of your pavement. Our experienced team uses industry-leading techniques and materials to effectively fill and repair potholes, preventing further damage and maintaining a smooth surface. With our efficient pothole repair services, you can count on Tri City Asphalt to ensure your asphalt surfaces are durable and well-maintained. Contact us today for expert asphalt pothole repair in Oklahoma City.

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Asphalt Crack Repair

Tri City Asphalt in Oklahoma City offers professional asphalt crack repair services to restore the integrity and aesthetics of your asphalt surfaces. Our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques and high-quality materials to effectively repair cracks of all sizes, preventing further damage and extending the lifespan of your pavement. With Tri City Asphalt, you can trust that your asphalt surfaces will be restored to a smooth and seamless finish. Contact us today for reliable asphalt crack repair services in Oklahoma City.

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Asphalt Crack Repair Service

Asphalt Driveways

Whether you need to install a new driveway or you are replacing an old one, asphalt is almost certainly one of the options you will consider. A properly installed asphalt driveway will perform much like concrete, but at a much lower cost. One of the tradeoffs with asphalt is that you should seal it every few years for proper maintenance, while concrete is essentially maintenance-free. However, because asphalt is a petroleum product, it is more flexible and less susceptible to cracking than concrete, making it ideal for colder climates.

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